Show “Intimidad Simbiotica”

First solo show in the gallery Miscelánea, Barcelona, July 2018.

Perrine Honoré in her exhibition “Symbiotic intimacy” invites us to be children and to contemplate her illustrations without prejudices, answering a serie of questions and concerns that inspire and give life to her work. The artist tries to decode the body and to erase in a generous and colorful way this border between the feminine and the masculine.
She shares images and scenes of emancipated, imperfect and sensitive human beings that unfold in front of us to remind us that we are ourself nature, sap, water and life.
Where does the end of what we consider “I” and where does “the other” begin? Am I only my body or am I a body and something else? Do I consider the earth as part of me or is it an external agent? Can we say that human beings currently live in symbiosis with the earth? Is it possible that we have a too arrogant and anthropocentric vision of the world?
What if we take care of each other, men, plants, animals and the planet?
This exhibition gives you the opportunity to take a break and disconnect for a few minutes from a fast-paced world that we often can not keep up. It is also a gift that the artist gives us, to stop on the way and reflect on slowness, contemplation, introspection and our role as human beings on this earth.

Acrylic paintings 60x60cm
Acrylic paintings 40x50cm
Diptychs of 2 acrylics 60x60cm

Acrylic 60x90cm


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