Perrine Honoré



Mural 65m2 I made in FAZUNCHAR festival in august 2021, Portugal. I enjoyed a lot making this piece! Thousand thanks to Mistaker Maker for inviting me for this edition, I have had a wonderful time in Portugal with this magical group ✨🌈
📸 by the great Miguel Oliveira



Last mural of the year 2020 (7x6 meters) made for @laplataformabcn and @poblenouud in the parking of @playgroundmag. C/ Pujades 116, Barcelona.
💡Project curator @b.murals
📸 Photos & video @martagdiaz
Behind this happy and dancing illustration states this question related to social medias: Why do we spend more energy pretending to be happy than being happy? 💬



"L'Arche", mural 20x10m made in June 2020 for Label Valette Festival. Montargis, France.
BUY HERE the A3 print signed limited edition "L'Arche". Special thanks to Label Valette team!

"Tomorrow is far" sums up very well, in my opinion, this paradox in which we live. Between the climate emergency and the denial of this society led in large part by money and power.
This mural takes up the theme of Noah's ark revisited. The capitalist Man looking towards the future, offshore, ignoring the ecosystem (of which he is a part) in flames on his own ship.
We can also see a person drifting in the water, echoing the current immigration crisis.
The choice of colors and elements is intended to reflect the beauty and richness of the living world that we should strive to preserve.

"Demain, c'est loin" résume très bien, selon moi, ce paradoxe dans lequel nous vivons, entre l'urgence climatique et le déni de cette société dirigée en grande partie par l'argent et le pouvoir.Cette fresque reprend la thématique de l'arche de Noé revisité. l'Homme capitaliste regardant vers le futur, au large, ignorant l'écosystème (duquel il fait parti) en flammes sur son propre navire. On peut aussi aussi apercevoir une personne à la dérive dans l'eau, faisant écho à la crise de l'immigration actuelle.Le choix des couleurs et des éléments ont pour but de refléter la beauté et la richesse du monde vivant que nous devrions nous efforcer de préserver.




I made a live painting for the exhibition « Arte Urbana » in Sala Amós Salvador, , Logroño. March 2020.
This exhibition seeks to make known those women who are dedicated, especially, to painting in public spaces, where both international and local names stand out. In this way, the Sala Amós Salvador proposes an ambitious journey that encompasses the solid and irreverent careers of the founders, against the insolent audacity of the youngest, all representing different styles of the movement called urban art, or as from a few decades ago it has been called: postgraffiti.


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