ūüĆą Live painting in in @thehoxtonhotel in collaboration with @bombaysapphire for their campaign ‚ÄúSaw this, Made this‚ÄĚūüćĻ

I have created a big scale artwork (2x3 m) expressing my feeling and the mood of the city of Barcelona. If I had to chose 3 words to define Barcelona, they would be: LIGHT, COLOR and MOVEMENT. It is a very young, dynamic and stimulating city, full of art, life, events and also crowed with tourism. On the other hand there is a relaxed atmosphere that permits you as local or as visitor to take time to chill, have a drink or rest in the beach. The mild and sunny weather participate to this feeling of ‚Äúforever holidays‚ÄĚ.

I have worked on a textured gradient in the background to express the diversity and mixtures of cultures, generations and lifestyles. The characters are enjoying the city in a peacful way by overlapping harmoniously. I chose a vibrant and powerful color palette to catch the attention and obtain a positive and joyful illustration.

✨ Photos by the best and only Clara Antón

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