Perrine Honoré



🐜 My collaboration with Opinel is finally out! Limited edition of 8000 units 🍄 I am so happy and proud to have worked with such an historic, iconic and ethical french brand 🌿 Thanks to ART BY FRIENDS to make this project happen and for believing in my work 🙏🏼 In this collection called NATURE, you can also find the amazing knives designed by talend @rommygon and @mioshe_ 💥



🌈 Live painting in in @thehoxtonhotel in collaboration with @bombaysapphire for their campaign “Saw this, Made this”🍹 I have created a big scale artwork (2x3 m) expressing my feeling and the mood of the city of Barcelona. If I had to chose 3 words to define Barcelona, they would be: LIGHT, COLOR and MOVEMENT. It is a very young, dynamic and stimulating city, full of art, life, events and also crowed with tourism. On the other hand there is a relaxed atmosphere that permits you as local or as visitor to take time to chill, have a drink or rest in the beach. The mild and sunny weather participate to this feeling of “forever holidays”. I have worked on a textured gradient in the background to express the diversity and mixtures of cultures, generations and lifestyles. The characters are enjoying the city in a peacful way by overlapping harmoniously. I chose a vibrant and powerful color palette to catch the attention and obtain a positive and joyful illustration. ✨ Photos by the best and only Clara Antón



Artwork for the opening of the new @footlockereustore in Plaça Catalunya 👟.

It is an installation that plays with the reflects of the designs I created into many mirrors. It is like getting inside a kaleidoscope! 🤩🌈 @naubostik 🔥



Collaboration with the brand Maison Matine for the perfume LOST IN TRANSLATION 🦕🌴🔥🪐
They create ethical, arty, funny and accessible products. Go and check the diversity of styles and smells they offer 🧚



I have had the opportunity to illustrate the homepage for Badoo’s hotline 🔮
The themes are: Emotional Intelligence, Self Esteem, Sexuality, Relationships and Anxiety.
When I first got the brief, I liked a lot the themes and the idea of drawing mental health topics! It is fundamental to me to talk about it openly and be able to have information.
I enjoyed using a new color palette I am not used to and to create a warm, relaxing, peaceful and benevolent atmosphere with my illustrations.

Client: BADOO
Agency: Wildish & Co



Collaboration with the Brand Pacific & Co
Wonderland is a representation of our wonderful world. A stage full of color, plants, smiling faces and irregular shapes illustrated by the artist Perrine Honoré. If the established things bores you and you are willing to daydream, you already have a travel companion!



Caress before it metsCollaboration with IAMMI design studio

"This curvy B-fora vase inspired me a lot. I am much into the strong link between feminity and nature and I think this society has soiled both of them in some aspect. This artwork is about caring about life in all its forms and protect its beauty."
MATERIAL : CERAMIC | SIZE : cm 12 x 16,5  h.35
Photo credits: Clara Antón


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