Perrine Honoré



During the scholar year 2019-2020 I have had the opportunity to take part of the EMPATITZEM project made by the architects from Equal Saree.I have worked in 4 different schools of the city of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona, Spain.
We started with several collage workshops in each school, then we came up with the final design with the pupils and we painted it all together in the playground of the school to bring up some color and good mood in the walls. 🥑🏡🏓🙂🦋🪐

Thanks a lot to@pinkmercury for having documented the whole process of the participative mural with your beautiful pictures! 📸❤️



Participative mural with the neighborhood in Sant Vincenç dels Horts, Catalunya. In the context of VINCLES project by Contorno Urbano. October 2019.
Photos by Clara Anton.
Key words they gave me for this work: family, fight and union


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